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New Malick Films

There are two new Malick films in the works:

Tree of Life, currently in production and posts Malick is going to direct a film called "The English Speaker" about psychoanalysis paitent Anna O:
Dr. Breuer's patient was a girl of twenty-one, of high intellectual gifts. Her illness lasted for over two years, and in the course of it she developed a series of physical and  psychological disturbances which decidedly deserved to be taken seriously. She suffered from a rigid paralysis, accompanied by loss of sensation, of both extremities on the  right side of her body; and the same trouble from time to time affected her on her left side. Her eye movements were disturbed and her power of vision was subject to numerous  restrictions. She had difficulties over the posture of her head; she had a severe nervous cough. She had an aversion to taking nourishment, and on one occasion she was for  several weeks unable to drink inspite of a tormenting thirst. Her powers of speech were reduced, even to the point of her being unable to speak or  understand her native language. Finally, she was subject to conditions of 'absence',(1) of confusion, of delirium, and of alteration of her whole personality...
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